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Sep 9, 2022

A University of Kansas class prompts Mark and John to dig into the topic of angry white males. There’s much that could be said here, with much of that likely to stir up additional anger or become too political. Ultimately the discussion distills down to and hinges on one key question, a question posed to John during a counseling session a few years ago. 


References in the show: 


Expanded Notes:

  • Men’s struggle with anger plus current cultural bias to outrage combine to make this topic more relevant than you might think
  • At the core for men is dealing with anger, regardless of where it is coming from
  • Part of overcoming anger is not feeding it
    • This involves awareness and self reflection and owning our part, focusing on what we can control
  • Anger is OK, it’s an emotion; But anger doesn’t have to have control
  • Examples from the Bible:
    • James 1:19-20
    • Ephesians 4:26
    • Moses (His whole story)
  • Anger often emanates from feeling like we don’t have control
  • Key Question: What are you going to do with your anger?
  • Part of being a strong man is learning what to do with your anger
  • What is your safety value to release some of the pressure of your anger?
  • Are you willing to risk releasing your anger to Father? Do you trust Him to handle it?