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Nov 13, 2020

Strategist, entrepreneur, teacher, author, and speaker Morgan Snyder joins us for one of the best conversations we’ve had on the show. It starts and ends with this idea of becoming, and 2 central questions: Who have I become? Who am I becoming. This episode is a must listen!


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Expanded Notes:

 - Becoming is a central theme for men

 - 2 key questions: Who have I become? Who am I becoming?

 - Male initiation is part of our spiritual growth

 - Every great story borrows from the gospel, which is meant to be the greatest story of our lives

 - The image of God (imago dei) is evident in the power that boys & men display or pursue

 - Initiation is about learning how to use that power to bless others

 - The pocket knife as a metaphorical and literal demonstration of power

 - We live in a world at war, where it’s hard to be a man (staying true to the process of initiation)

 - The magic of the kingdom of God is made available in everyday life